Balance Athletica Bottoms The OG Pant - Amazon
Balance Athletica Bottoms The OG Pant - Amazon
Balance Athletica Bottoms The OG Pant - Amazon

The OG Pant - Amazon

Designed to wear all day every day, wherever you go. With a high waisted cut, the seamless and double lined waistband will stay in place without digging in. The contouring seams, both front and back, slim the waist while accentuating the glutes. Engineered with our original soft matte, flexible yet structured OG fabric, this pant is casual, comfortable, and durable enough to wear through anything.

  • 7/8 Length
  • Squat Proof
  • Seamless Waistband
  • Workout & Lifestyle Fabric

Customer Reviews

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Favorite (so far)

At first you’re probably wondering, can these really be that much better than other leggings out there? Well my friend, the answer is YES. These have the perfect amount of stretch, the fabric is so soft, and you can wear them for anything! I was skeptical when the length was extended because I’m about 5’2 but they fit perfect. These are totally what proof and the Amazon is my favorite color balance has come out with. Amazing quality!

Honestly the best leggings I have ever bought!!!! 😍🤩

The title does not even begin to do justice!! These leggings are like butter and move with you. I have not found another legging that moves with me, is squat proof, and can withstand a workout!!!! Every release just about drains my bank account because of how great these leggings are! I get complimented about them at the gym all the time and have recommended them to all of my friends! Balance continues to outdo themselves with every new release (which I don’t know how)! So excited for what they are doing ❤️🎉

Second Skin

These leggings are legit the comfiest pair I own. I have probably 10+ brands of leggings (& yes I know that’s crazy), and Balance is by far my favorite. Their leggings stay up (BLESS UP) & fit like a damn glove (cue New Girl’s Nick Miller). Thank you for making me feel so comfortable in MY skin and just enhancing that confidence with this second skin💕

Sweat stains galore

Be very weary of these leggings if you are someone who does more intense workouts. I did a strength workout for 30 minutes and had sweat showing all around my butt and crotch. NOT a cute look. When I first tried these on I really liked them, I actually had written another review. But now I'm wishing I had not got this color. The material is comfortable, it is not the quality of an Athleta or Lulu Lemon but it is very comfortable nonetheless. I feel like the 'V' on the butt goes down too low though and gives an unflattering look on your booty. I have a pretty round butt and it makes mine look much flatter than normal in leggings, so I was disappointed about this. I have continuously ordered from Balance, and there are many products that I do love but I do think they should be a little lower in price for the quality.

Started out great..

These pants started off awesome (I even wrote a good review when I first got them), but now they definitely don’t fit into the “wear all day” category”. I wore them around the house today and found myself constantly pulling them up and noticed that they are horribly saggy in the butt. They looked really bad by the time I actually got to the gym later on. They have only been washed a few times, so if the quality wears out that fast I’m really disappointed.

Hi, Nicole! We're so sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue! We are a new brand that is striving to offer a wide range of products to our customers with a wide range of materials. As long as it falls within our 30 day return policy, we will happily honor a return or an exchange Just head over to to get started! Thank you so much for your feedback!!