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2020 Leader Search Results

The past 2 months have been nothing short of remarkable. From 2000+ to 65 to 25 to 12, it’s safe to say that our first ever Leader Search exceeded all expectations. To have been able to get to know so many genuine individuals and to have seen just how powerful our Balance Fam community really is has been an extraordinary experience for us this year. ⁣


Our 7 Newest Balance Leaders!⁣

⁣Anissia Hughes - @avh__fitness⁣

Lauren Onesi & Benjamin Torres - @laurenonesi @benjamintorresdpt⁣

Diane Penda - @prettylilglow⁣

Laura Morgan - @Lauras_fit_to_live⁣

Jared Lichtman - @jaredlichtman⁣

Jordan Nahs - @jordan.nahs⁣

Alessandra Scutnik - @alessandrascutnik⁣

And To Our 5 Newest Sponsees

⁣Ryan Vergara - @trust_ryan_v⁣

Clarice Barnett - @brunettebarnett⁣

Samantha Meadows - @SamKMC⁣

Hannah Ramsay - @hann.ramsay⁣

Mikayla Petty - @mikaylamichelle_⁣

Thank you again to those of you who stepped outside of your comfort zone to share your heart with us. We encourage you to continue sharing your story, inspiring and impacting others along the way. We hope to see you in the running for the next Balance Leader Search in 2021!