Balance Athletica Bottoms XS The OG Pant - Pine 102P-XS
Balance Athletica Bottoms XS The OG Pant - Pine 102P-XS
Balance Athletica Bottoms XS The OG Pant - Pine 102P-XS

The OG Pant - Pine

Designed to wear all day every day, wherever you go. With a high waisted cut, the seamless and double lined waistband will stay in place without digging in. The contouring seams, both front and back, slim the waist while accentuating the glutes. Engineered with our original soft matte, flexible yet structured OG fabric, this pant is casual, comfortable, and durable enough to wear through anything.

  • 7/8 Length
  • Squat Proof
  • Seamless Waistband
  • Workout & Lifestyle Fabric

Customer Reviews

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Very cute but...

I really love to support balance as a company and was really happy to purchase these leggings and the sport bra top. However, after giving these a really fair chance over a few months I am admitting that I'm forcing myself to wear these because I spent so much on them but I admittedly am not much of a fan now. My first peeve with for some odd reason the pine color especially, is everything sticks to these pants. Granted I have 2 dogs. But, I have leggings from competitors and these are the only ones that do this... When they come out of the dryer or just daily wear in the house they look an absolute mess!!! It's a hair and lint magnet. I spend so much time lint rolling these and they are horrible after a wash and dry oh my lanta it's insane. My other gripe is that these are very much not sweat proof whatsoever. I workout a lot, and I work out hard. From HIIT to spin to weights to yoga and so on, these and the bras show sweat like crazy. I can't wear these to classes in public. I only wear them to my apartment gym where the crowd is very minimal. I've been udderly embarrassed in public with these at fitness classes. So unfortunately I can't say I love these :(

OG Pant

Wow these are some of the best workout leggings I’ve ever had. 10/10 would recommend and buy again!! Fast shipping too!

The OG Pant-Pine

Absolutely love these leggings. I’ve honestly never bought anything quite like this product and so happy I have multiple pairs. Super light weight and I don’t feel restricted or uncomfortable during my workout


I am o b s e s s e d with these. The fabric is so soft yet structured, the tapered waist keeps them hugging my mid-section through workouts & they came SUPER fast. Like I ordered and the package was on it's way to FedEx in literally 35 minutes... That's insane. The only thing I regret is not ordering sooner. Excited for the Kingdom Collection so I can get more Balance apparel!!!


Softest, comfiest, most form fitting leggings I’ve ever worn! Wish I would have bought it more colors!!